Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zack Imran

Abg Naz and Cheryl Samad last final exam is on 2nd of Mei...After that holiday for 2 month..yes!...but on the exam day I have to submit the assignments and project...Today I have discussion at the library..To add more item in our report..And finish the discussion at 6.30..We done our part..then went to send my fren at taxi station...Before that we having a meal..Then going back to my college and found out that my little cat sad...may Allah him in the best place...I don't know why I really love this animals very well..Then..After prayer...I decided to go back home...

I arrived at home about 9.00 p.m. My uncle was there..Then go out to buy a dinner for them and my family..While having the dinner..My little sis, Wani suggested to watch Ghost season 2...preety good..This series is about Eza starred by Cheryl Samad that can see the Ghost starred by 'Abg Naz' or as Zack Imran. But the new season there is new actor as a Ghost. ..but still hope the previous actor 'Abg Naz' or Zack Imran is get back on scene again...but there still a hope..

The story begin when a journalist Eza can see Zack Imran as the ghost in season 1. Zack Imran was the popular singer died in accident. He believe that he been killed by somebody...Eza the journealist who can see the Zack Imran trying to solve the mystery of the death. Every single day they tried to find the truth. There's a lot of conspiracy as the Zack Imran has the relationship with many girls including Datin...wife of Datuk Zakaria...At last...after they found out that Zack Imran was killed by...a psychiatrist..someone that have the relationship with Eza friend.

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