Monday, September 27, 2010

My new cat

Hye...Actually I already have the name...guest what..:p

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Paint my room..=)

I need to paint my room..=)
The questions are:
 What is the color should I choose?
 What types of paint should I buy?

Wewit..............any ideas?

What am I doing

During the day that I'm not around..I'm doing so much things...there are many things that I should handle it before Hari Raya and I can see it from my 'to do list'

Some of them are:
 to paste the cement in my room.
 to paint my windows
 to paint my bed
 to buy bed sheet
 to buy curtains
 to buy mat
 to fetch my mum n sis
 to buy chandelier
 bla…bla..bla

 to prepare mid term and final paper
 bla...bla..bla

And last, I GOT A FEVER..=p


I hate liar..=)

I'm not interested to be friend wif them..huh


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